Energy of The Future

Characteristics and Advantages

Advantages of HTC Process

  • CO2-neutral process for biocoal and CO2-negative process for biochar
  • Highest value of the carbon efficiency for all biomass-based technologies (HTC = 100% / Biogas = 50%)
  • Wet process – biomass  is processed without costly pre-drying
  • Suitable for large range of biomass
  • HTC process can process waste biomass or low quality biomass that cannot be otherwise utilised  
  • Tried and tested stable technology
  • Exothermic process – possibility of waste heat supplies
  • Closed process that does not generate emissions, foul odour and noise
  • Low-cost solution due to modular concept and use of standard components 
  • Low operating costs
  • Trouble-free operation and easy handling
  • 100% environment-friendly; unpolluted waste water
  • Possibility to create products with controlled characteristics, according to specific customer requirements